Established in 1973, the South Korean company WINIX has studied, designed and manufactured innovative water and air treatment solutions for the home and office environments.

Today, WINIX continues to produce a wide range of stylish and high quality products such as Air Cleaners, Humidifiers (Air Washers) and Dehumidifiers.

WINIX products have been recognized for their outstanding quality, durability and cutting edges technology throughout the world.

The primary objective of the company is to provide clean and healthy home and work environments by creating the highest quality of air you can make yourself.

In order to do so WINIX develops products strictly complying with the top quality standards. WINIX complies with industry certifications such as CE, RoHS, TÜV, Energy Star, ECARF, & UK Allergy

WINIX products are designed and manufactured in South Korea. We currently operate in Asia, the USA and in Europe through our own subsidiaries.

Our European sales office is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and manages its European supply chain through two warehouses strategically positioned in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In Switzerland we are represented by our importer and distributor, ecofort ag.